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Bromoil images are one of a kind pieces of art. After the image has been carefully crafted, it is framed by the artist, who hand cuts the mats and uses archival materials to preserve the image.


Requests of images may be made to the artist. Colors of ink (Black, Sepia Toned, Blue, Foliage Green, Yellow and Red) are available. Sizes of each image vary. Not all available images are shown on the web page.
Requests for color of mats and frames styles are also available.


It may take up to six weeks to create and frame a bromoil image. Please plan accordingly.


A Certificate of Authenticity is presented with each image, certifying that it is an original work of art. The Certificate is signed by the artist.


Each image is dated according to the date the image was completed.


Costs vary, and begin at $225 USD plus shipping.


Elise LaJeunesse


Taylorsville Utah


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